Ascend Marche Vision

We aim to be Asia’s leading values-driven business community

Our Mission 

To inspire our people, create our future, and excite our clients to establish an unshakable foundation for their business.

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Who are we?

Established in Singapore on July 2007, Ascend Marche is about enabling our clients and community to accelerate their transformation based on values of Collaboration, Inspiration, Respect, Celebration, Love, and Engagement (CIRCLE).

We are a strong and growing community of top leaders, CEOs, investors, business owners, individuals and professionals who believe in giving back to the community for good.

We exercise the power of synergy and leverage our strengths to contribute to making a difference individually and together.

Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for ourselves and our clients so that we are able to “tikkum olam” (Hebrew to mean “Heal the World”)

About the company

The Ascend Marché International difference

We tailor our Business and HR Advisory services to each company we have the privilege of working with, and the end result with each client is a service program that addresses their unique needs with precision and efficiency.

Along with our Associates and Partners, we provide you with a personalized consultation to tackle even the most challenging business and human resource problems.

For over 14 years, Ascend Marché has been the premier provider of executive placement and Human Resource services for start-ups in the Asia Pacific and Internationally.  

Today, Ascend Marché provides a comprehensive range of activities.

These services are designed to maximize the skills, capabilities, and potential of all executives hired by our clients and to help them successfully transition and integrate into their new working environments.

Our Business Advisory

Since we tailor our Business HR coaching to each company we have the privilege of working with, the end result with each client is a service program that addresses their unique needs with precision and efficiency.


  • Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Chief People Architect, HR Consultant, Executive Coach, Career Coach, and mother of one. Trina Teo has been empowering CEOs & COOs in the business of building people capability so that satisfied clients and profitability will follow.
  • Grounded in Human Resources and a Global Remuneration Professional, Trina blends her years in Human Resources, to position you as the most valuable player in the marketplace offline or online through her Talent R.A.D.A.R Framework to put you In Control Of Your Talent Retention, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Development, in order to Accelerate Your Results
  • Award-winning HR professional recognized for displaying exemplary behaviors which contributed to the success of HR organization
  • Receive above and beyond awards for restructuring various businesses
  • Certified Marshall Goldsmith and Instant Miracle Healing Coach with certification in Points Of You Coaching and Enneagram for Business
  • Trina has more than 25 years of HR experience in various corporations and Technology Start-Ups and has held various regional HR positions including Salesforce, and Circles.Life, American Express International & American Express Travel, KPMG IT Consulting. 
  • Trina participated in various organization restructuring. She founded TalentMarche International and is now expanding its service offerings to include online workshops and coaching.
  • A much sought-after speaker and trainer in the areas of leadership and human resource management, she regularly coaches and mentors professionals in a career transition.
  • Ms. Teo holds a Master in Business Administration from Murdoch University

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